2016 Rural Bus Services Review

Rural bus service review
Dorset County Council needs to reduce the spend on public transport subsidy

The council needs to reduce the spend on public transport subsidy by £500,000 from a review of rural bus services. The budget reduction will predominantly remove subsidy for services that run once or twice a week. Instead, the council will support the on-going development of community based transport schemes which can often better meet local needs.
To meet the council’s target of saving £500,000 in 2016/17, the changes would need to be in place from April.

Local services affected – 317, 340 & 368

The following local villages will no longer be served by public transportStalbridge Weston, Stourton Caundle, Bishops Caundle, Lydlinch, Droop, Woolland, Ibberton and Belchalwell.

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A four week public consultation will run from Monday 11 January to Monday 8 February, asking local people how the changes would affect them. The consultation will also look at:
• Whether people are aware of community transport schemes in their area
• Encouraging more volunteers to join local schemes
• Identifying gaps in the services
Find out more information and complete the survey: