Annual Public Town Meeting 13th April 2017

The Town Council is holding its annual public meeting on Thursday 13th April at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber at the Council Offices.

The format has changed this year so that it is not just committee chairmen reading out a report on their past activities, but instead tackles the issues facing the town today and what is being done about them:

  • Schools – the move to multi-academy status of the town’s schools and the issues around getting a new William Barnes
  • Economic situation of the town – including projects to bring in investment and growth.  Will also cover the newly announced closure of the Lloyds branch
  • Neighbourhood Plan – including some of the challenges faced in getting it submitted
  • Transport – what’s happening with the buses etc.
  • Finances – the support of the community office and the rise in precept
  • Changes to local government and what they mean for the town

There will be an opportunity for you to say what you feel should be the priorities and to challenge what the town council is doing.

Do come along if you are free and let others know that it is happening.  It should be very relevant and informative.