NDDC Budget Options Consultation

North Dorset District Council has a balanced budget for 2016/17, but it faces an even greater
financial challenge in 2017/18, due to reductions in Government grants.

The district council faces a budget shortfall of £2.5m over the next three years with £1.4m of this
needing to be achieved in the next financial year, 2017/18.

The district council invited the Local Government Association to undertake a Financial Health
Check in June this year and the findings were reporting to the September 2016 Cabinet meeting.
Further information is available at www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/article/420751/2016-Agendas-and-Minutes-for-the-Meetings-of-Cabinet

The findings of this review of North Dorset District Council’s finances concluded that:
“…it has divested or partially divested financial control over much of its discretionary spend which
makes it more difficult for it to tackle these areas of spending in the new era of government grant
cuts and austerity.”

This has prompted a review of budget options in relation to two areas of discretionary expenditure
as detailed below. The council is ambitious and committed to facing future challenges head-on to
get the best deal for customers and communities they serve. The savings required mean the
Councils must consider changes to the way things have been done in the past.

Have your say
This is your opportunity to have your say on budget options concerning:
A. Citizens Advice Bureau Grant
B. Community Development Service

The options identified are based on financial analysis, stakeholder engagement and service

We value your views
This consultation questionnaire provides an opportunity for you to give your views on the options
in relation to the Citizens Advice Bureau grant and funding for the community development

This consultation will close at 5pm Monday 28 November 2016.


The results of the consultation will be published on the council website in due course after the
closing date, and will inform councillors when they come to make budget decisions in February