A positive approach to bank closures in Sturminster Newton

Bank Closures in Sturminster Newton

The last permanent bank – Lloyds – in Sturminster will close on 26th September 2017.

Lloyds will be offering a mobile service -three times a week, NatWest already visit once a week.

However, if you do not already do any on-line banking, now may be the time to consider if its for you.

The Learning Centre in The Exchange will be offering courses and seminars over the next few months

  • To help you decide if you want to use it
  • How to use it and keep safe
  • On-going support and advice if you need it

The Learning Centre has computers, tablets and broadband for your use, volunteers to help and is open as a drop-in on Monday mornings and all day on Wednesdays.

To Contact us & book seminars call 01258 475272 (when open) or Email snclc@btconnect.com or drop-in / leave a message at The Exchange.

Our website snclc.org.uk has up to date information.

On-Line Courses

We have three money related courses that you can do at your own pace on line:

  • Online and mobile banking
  • Keeping your personal information secure online
  • Make money work

You can come into the centre to do these courses any time we are open; they take up to 45 min each. A volunteer will help register you and if you get stuck.

Or you can try them at home by going to www.learnmyway.com, register with a few details – please use our centre code -6071, and note your ID and password (you can start a course and come back to it another day). You will find the three courses above in the Subjects Tab then the Managing Your Money On-Line section.

Introductory Demonstrations

To help you decide whether to use on-line banking or not you are invited to a seminar where the banking facilities of four different banks will be demonstrated including checking statements, credit card use, making payments and transferring money.

Your tutor will be Allan Peters who regularly uses on-line accounts with several different banks.

During this seminar you need only watch the demonstrations though there will be opportunities for questions as we go along and afterwards.

You can also stay afterwards to try one of the on-line courses – see left.

Dates currently arranged are:

  • Monday 4th September 10am
  • Monday 9th September 10am

Please book in advance for these seminars, we will try, but cannot guarantee spare places if you just drop-in. More dates will be added if needed. (see contact points above)


Lloyds and Nat West banks have kindly offered their experts to lead a seminar on how to do on-line banking and keep safe whilst doing so.

These seminars will be in the Learning Centre (in The Exchange) on the following dates:

  • Monday 17th July   1:30 pm  (Lloyds)
  • Monday 21st Aug   1:30pm   (Lloyds)
  • Monday 11th Sept   1:30pm   (Lloyds)
  • Monday 18th Sept   1:30pm   (Nat West)

They are focussed on existing or prospective customers of Lloyds/Nat West but are open to all.

The seminar will include:

  • Choosing On-line Banking or Mobile Banking (with an App on a tablet or Smartphone)
  • How to register and log in
  • How to view statements etc.
  • How to pay bills and transfer money
  • Keeping Safe

This is a great opportunity to hear from the experts and ask them questions.

Please book in advance for these seminars, we cannot guarantee spare places if you just drop-in. (see contact points above)